25 June 2012

Getting ready...

For SENZ that is! Lot's of cutting papers, preparing embellishments and writing/reviewing instructions. I'm in the middle of running 'dummy' classes with my friends to test that the instructions read clearly. My friend Libby will be pleased about that! All my classes are pretty much fully booked - very happy about that too! Jodi (Mrs Scrapaholics) has put so much time and effort and preparation into her booth (as she did last year) that I know she is going to be very busy at SENZ. She certainly doesn't do things by halves! She has some awesome bargains that will only be on offer at SENZ (listen up Smash book lovers!) and her incredibly obliging better half has organized the manufacture of some very cool things (think gorgeous card/book binding bits and bobs!). Yay Paul! There is also a lot of brainstorming and planning going on for Creative Adventure Downunder May 2013. Registrations are now open - go to www.creativeadventure.co.nz for details and registration. We are really looking forward to hosting Heidi, Donna and Teresa together - and hope to spoil them and YOU rotten! I am busy designing my class for the event, it's going to be a doozy so I'll need the year to perfect it! So that's a quick run down on the state of play in my neck of the woods! I have some cool ScrapFX goodness to share shortly. So stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by!

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