31 May 2013

It Was Wonderful.......

Creative Adventure Downunder 2013, from wo to go, was FANTASTIC!

So let me tell you all about it and show you some photos....

We kicked the event of on Friday morning at 9.00am.  I taught the first of my classes to the Pink Group, who were just amazing!  Buzzing with excitement and eager to learn.  And they all created gorgeous layouts. 

My class was a commemorative layout of CAD 2013.  One less thing the girls need to do when they get home right?  It was designed to showcase their photobooth pics that they enjoyed posing for on Friday night at the Carnival Dinner.

We used refined NZ beeswax melting it over a chipboard 'Create' word then sprinkling  blue/green/bronze coloured perfect pearls over.  The results were stunning.

Add in some soft white and teal polka dot feathers, with a trail of little paua shells and the result is a little 'Kiwiana' to remind our international visitors of the beauty that is NZ.

Lunch then followed, with classed resuming for the remainder of the day, taught by Teresa Collins, Donna Downey and Heidi Swapp.  Enjoyed by all.

Then on to the Carnival Dinner.  Delicious food and sterling entertainment!!!  And guess what?  We even had Ellen DeGeneres turn up!  Lots of laughter and fun, let me tell you!

Saturday we were back into it at 9.00am again.  A few jaded faces early on, but everyone soon got into the swing again!  More classes and more fun!

Sunday I taught my class to the Red and Orange groups.  Once again, a great group of ladies who embraced the messiness and experimentation that was part of it all!  Well done Red and Orange!

I was honoured to host our international guests along with Jodi, Michele, Michelle and our T.As for dinner at my home Sunday night.  Traditional kiwi roast lamb, followed by home made pavlova and hokey pokey ice cream.  18 litres of it!!!!!!  But let me clarify - even though there were 26 of us for dinner, I still have several litres of ice cream left!

Auckland turned on some beautiful weather on Monday so we took our visitors out to Maraetai for lunch and some fresh sea air. 

That night we said farewell to Donna who flew back home.  Heidi also left for home.

Teresa and her gorgeous daughter McKay and our cute friend TC Dye came to stay at my house for a few days before they went home.  Tuesday was rainy and cold so a heavy duty shopping day was in order.

Once again, Auckland came to the party and put on a stunner of a day on Wednesday.  So we hopped on the ferry to Waiheke Island and took the girls Zip Lining!  Michele and Michelle joined us.  I think there were a few nerves to begin with but once the adrenaline kicked in we were good to go.

Eco Zip on Waiheke is a fantastic operation, highly recommended to all!

What goes down must come up right?  Which meant that after the 3 zip lines we needed to walk back up the 'hill'.  A scenic and gentle 25 minute walk through native bush.  Peaceful and beautiful.

Back to Auckland on the ferry then a hurried but sorrowful goodbye to my sweet friends as they boarded a shuttle for the airport. 

Farewell till next year and roll on Creative Adventure Downunder 2014.  Teresa is coming back to join us along with Diane Shultz and her daughter Amy from Graphic 45 and Joey from Bazzill!  What a line up!

Till next time.

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donna downey said...

so glad i met you!! i had so much fun!