03 July 2013

July in Cockle Bay

What a mixed bag!  One day it's glorious winter weather, the next it's bleak, cold and quite miserable! But that's how our winter rolls, here in the antipodes!  It's the time of year that many Kiwis go overseas to tropical Pacific destinations for a decent dose of sunshine, swimming, tropical fruits and seafood, like Fiji, Rarotonga and Northern Queensland (a personal favourite!).  So I guess that's the upside!

It's also perfect weather here at the moment for a decent dose of guilt free scrapbooking!  Who minds a rainy wintery day spent inside while crafting?  Not me, that's for sure, and my delicious 8 year old daughter usually joins me in my art room for a spot of scrapbooking too, which is something I totally adore.  It's uninterrupted quality time to chat, create and giggle together.  This surely has to be one of the best 'side effects' of being a scrapbooker!  "Long may it last", I hear you ladies with teenage girls chanting!  I know, I know - there will come a day when it's no longer cool to hang out with me, creating paper masterpieces, but while she's keen, I'm in 100%.

So on that note,
I'll leave you with another pic of a kit I created for SENZ this week. Happy crafting to all.

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