12 June 2014

Renaissance Scrapbooking - A Return to Basics

Hello to all my crafty friends!

Have you seen this?

Welcome to the Renaissance Scrapbooking Group - celebrating a return to the basic premises of scrapbooking. Borne from a discussion about the need/want to get photos and journaling on a page in an aesthetic and fun way, without feeling obliged to go down the mixed media route. This group is not about dissing mixed media - which I personally love too - but rather rediscovering a simple, old fashioned craft.

To join the group we only ask that you share with us the one thing that you enjoy most about this craft. I love to handcraft embellishments for my layouts - using paper, stamps and anything else that take my fancy!

We hope that this group will be a fun, informative and inspiring collective for 'paper artistes' around the globe! Once again - welcome.

If you would like to join our group click here  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1498801960333823/


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