12 January 2012

Lazy January Days

Card making in this less than ideal summer weather we are having, seems a strangely guilt free, acceptable thing to be doing! I'm on a roll at the moment, so here is my latest.  It's a recessed card -  a wee bit hard to see the actual recessed dimension in the photos but essentially you create something of a shadow box to sit down into the card front. I thought I was all done with the G45 Once Upon a Springtime papers - but I keep getting drawn back to them time and time again!

So, CHA in the USA is drawing near.  Starting to see lot's of sneak peeks, very exciting.  My friends Jodi and Hebie are lucky enough to be travelling to the event this year, so I'm looking forward to seeing their pics and hearing all about it!

As I mentioned, we are having a rather inclement summer so far!  For a boredom buster, I bought Meg the Season 1 DVD of Bewitched (who remembers this programme aired in the 70's with Samantha, Darren, Endora and Aunt Clara??).  Bewitched was one of my favourite TV programmes, so I was thrilled to find all the seasons available at JB HiFi.  They also have other gems like, I Dream of Jeanie, Beverly Hillbillys, ALF and heaps more.

Right, while the sun is out momentarily, I'll take the children for a quick swim to relieve their holiday boredom!

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Sandie Edwards said...

As a child, I always tried wiggling my nose like Samantha, to get my room cleaned. I practiced for hours, I was so certain that if my nose would twitch, I had the 'power'. LOL Quiet funny, but will always remember that...
Your shadow box card is so pretty, and like yourself, I love the "once Upon a Springtime" papers...
I am so envious of those going over for CHA, I am hoping next year to make it... my son will be 'older' and make it easier to leave him! Have a great day ... cooler here today, but Cyclone up the coast is bound to bring in some weird weather.