30 August 2012

Birthday Sweets

I'm fascinated by the whole faux minature food thing. There are some amazing books about it all in Japan (might need to take another trip there!!!) where it's a huge hobby.  I've attempted to make a few bits and pieces lately, with the help of a variety of differerent clays, whipped creams, fake sugars etc.  And I found the perfect project to use them on - a special little box for my daughters upcoming birthday to put her presents and maybe a few little sweets into...

I loved decorating the ScrapFX chipboard cupcake stand with glitter and whipped cream!  Almost good enough to eat!


 It's an addictive little craft - this miniature food! (and quite calorie free!) But so enjoyable.  And it has loads of opportunity for using in my scrapbooking and cardmaking. I wonder how long it'll take before it takes the scrapbooking world by storm??!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Lisa S. said...

Miniature food with no calories, I'm in! This keepsake box for your daughter is so pretty Maggie. I adore the paper you chose and the soft color palette. I like to bake in real life but you may have me talked into creating food for projects like this instead. :D Gorgeous and thanks for sharing!

dizzy Lizzie said...

nstyooh i love the little choc and biscuits do tell me more about how ya made them? thanks Liz

Debbie Buckland said...

Very cool.
I'd love to see tutorials on making the mini faux food.