06 August 2012

Wonderful Websters

How many of you suffer this syndrome.....you buy some beautiful papers, so beautiful you can't bring yourself to use them just yet so you put them aside for later.  12 months later you revisit them and - hmmm, well - they just don't seem to strike a chord in that same way anymore???!!!  And you kind of wish that you had actually used them when you first bought them!

That's me all over - but I'm getting better at using up current stash while it's still fresh and new.

However...............this is one of the reasons I love Websters Pages so much.  No matter how 'old' or how long I've been hoarding their pages for - I still love them and find them equally as beautiful a year later!  That's got to be a good thing, right?

Case in point.  Last year I started a layout using some Lullaby Lane and Winter Fairytales.  I got halfway, then put it aside for whatever reason.  This weekend, I rediscovered this half finished layout - and guess what? I still really liked how it was shaping up.  So I put my apron on and set about completing it.  Here is the finished product...

Having a gorgeous wee girl who quite likes to be photgraphed makes my job so easy!  So, that's another one done and dusted and ready for the album.  Hope you like it!

Happy Monday!

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Sandie Edwards said...

So pleased you finished your layout, it is certainly gorgeous! I am one to put aside papers, as I just cannot cut into them - eventually I do, but for a time, I admire! :-)