21 February 2012

Cheery Lynn does it again!

I'm fascinated by the endless possibilities that Cheery Lynn dies can offer the average crafter.

In my previous posts, I told you I have been experimenting with making molds and clay embellishments.  Who would have thought that Cheery Lynn dies are actually perfect to make molds with?  So with that in mind, I would like to enter this project into the Weekly Challenge over at Cheery Lynn - "Frame It".  I have used the dies as 'frames' for the molds.

This is a clay butterfly I made, using the Cheery Lynn die to first make a mold.

Here is a video I have put together for you to show you the process involved.  It's so easy, and the results are fabulous.  The background music comes and goes - slight technical hitch!!

And here is yet another use for the good old French Pastry doillie die...

I placed the die on a circle of ironed and starched calico, then sprayed it with Shimmerz.  In other words, the die acts as a mask.  The result is this fabulous batik like effect.  I love it.  The piece begged to be made into a pin cushion to house my own handmade stick pins.  They look so pretty in there.  I think this would make a lovely gift for a fellow crafter.  And it only took me half and hour tops to make.  Would have been faster had I not opted to hand stitch the sequin trim in place!

I hope this post inspires you to look at using your Cheery Lynn dies in other ways.

Thanks for visiting.


Sandie Edwards said...

Hi Maggie, thanks for taking part in the challenge this week and best of luck with the DT for Cheery Lynn Designs.

Your creations are unique and gorgeous, love them both very much! Clever girl.

Holly Thompson said...

love your pin creations